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Dental Tips for Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene

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Dental Tips for Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene

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Did you ever wish your dog actually spoke? You must have undoubtedly wished so if your little fellow had been suffering from pain or disease but it couldn’t really express until you somehow found out. Dental diseases in dogs are not only painful but also dangerous if they are not found and treated at early stages. A subtle clue like your dog’s bad breathe or accumulation of brown or yellow film on its teeth implies that it’s time to see the vet!

If your dog’s gingivitis, halitosis, abscesses, or periodontal disease is not treated on time there are chances that it might further cause cardiac or even renal complications. The simplest thing you can hence do is – Prevent. Pick that toothbrush up and start scraping off the dirt from your dog’s teeth. NOW!

Here are certain tips that can save your dog’s teeth from any sort of unnecessary diseases:

  • The rules are the same!

It is completely unfair to expect your dog to maintain dental hygiene without you having to invest some effort and of course some money. You brush your teeth every day, don’t you? It is then your duty to invest 30 to 60 seconds of your entire day to brush your dog’s teeth as well. Most diseases are caused due to accumulation of bacterial residue on and in between the teeth. Regular brushing (P.S. – Regular=Everyday) can help you keep your dog’s tartar and plaque at bay.

  • The way to your pet’s sound oral health is through its stomach.

Wondering how? When the tartar build-up exceeds a certain level, just brushing the dog’s teeth is not enough. Dental diets are tailor-made food products to cater to the dental needs of your dog. The pellets of the food have an exclusive shape and size that work as an exfoliator to remove the build-up from the dog’s teeth. So the food that goes into the stomach now has an additional benefit.

  • Let your dog chew the cud.

Of course not literally! Dogs invariably love toys. A chew toy is like icing on the cake. Choose a perfect chew toy that is a lot chewy but not too small for it to swallow and choke on or not too hard for it to fracture its tooth. Lots and lots of chewing will scrub off the accumulated tartar from the surface of the teeth. Grab that rawhide from the dog store right now and leave the rest to your dog.

  • Don’t forget the insides.

Brushing, scrubbing, chewing everything works just on the surface. But that is not it. The gums and the space between the teeth are still prone to plaque and tartar build-up. This is exactly when oral gels and rinses come to the rescue. They reach all the corners of the teeth where neither the toothbrush nor the chew toys reach. These products give all-around dental protection to your most pampered canine buddy!

If you find something odd about your dog’s breath, chewing abilities, or eating patterns, a trip to the vet is round the corner. Or even better would be to take your pet to the vet at regular intervals for a timely check-up before matters worsen. Said that there are myriads of products on our website to choose from to give your dog a dental treat!

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